Experiential Design

Purdue University
Mackey Arena
West Lafayette, Indiana

When it comes to décor of the common areas of the athletic offices of an institution like Purdue’s Mackey Arena, you better make a lasting impression.

Section 127 went above and beyond with the planning, design and installation of customized photo treatments, 3-D typography and signs, wall accents, and a bronze John Purdue plaque. When the dust had settled, the Boilermaker spirit was represented in every square inch we touched.

A Hall of Fame statue features the Purdue hammer. Engraved in the university’s signature “P” mark is a map of West Lafayette surrounded by railroad spikes bearing the names of each Hall of Famer.

It’s all in the details.

A dimensional Purdue train logo with aluminum rails and real wood timbers, makes a stunning statement at the entrance of the athletic director’s office.