Experiential Design

Indiana University
Memorial Stadium/Excellence Academy
Bloomington, Indiana

This state-of-the-art facility provides a home for the Excellence Academy program, which is one of the most innovative and effective personal development programs in all of intercollegiate athletics. The $48 million, 66,575-square-foot facility encloses the south end zone of Memorial Stadium and creates a bold new “front door” to the IU Athletics campus.

Section 127’s experiential design team worked along side SmithGroup and RATIO Architects to blend the tradition of the stadium with the breath taking and innovative additions within the Excellence Academy. The project defined a “Circle of Excellence” by closing the stadium and allowing the story of the brand to be applied to the entire bowl.


The Terrace Letters

These iconic INDIANA letters sit atop the south end zone on the Excellence Academy Terrace. The strategic placement allows the over 9-foot letters to be seen anywhere in the stadium. Intended to be a part of the overall game experience, fans now enjoy a view of the game while snapping unforgettable photos as they sit among these beautiful structures.

South End Zone Traditions

The exterior concourse of the Excellence Academy plays host to built-in displays of tradition and history within Memorial Stadium. From bowl game stats to the Indiana Athletics creed of sportsmanship, this connecting concourse is not to be missed.


Donor Recognition

The addition to Memorial Stadium was not possible without generous donors. Our team applied over 25 applications of donor recognition throughout the venue.

Updated Wayfinding

Updated wayfinding was executed throughout the stadium. Additional student-athlete alumni blades gave an added visual to concourse entrances.

Hydro Therapy

The elite nature of the Excellence Academy was the driving force for a unique application of brand. A 17-foot script Indiana was hand-crafted out of steel and hung on the hydro therapy wall, visible from the entire functional rehabilitation space.