Experiential Design

Indiana University
Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall
Bloomington, Indiana

In 2015, Indiana University’s Assembly Hall, the mecca of Midwest basketball, got a face-lift, and we were right in the middle of it – from imagining what the renovated space would look like, to taking an active role in construction meetings, to creating and installing signature pieces.

Our work included a new wayfinding system, environmental design and a one-of-a-kind 8-foot-tall Trident. Every detail of this monumental project was done with extreme thought for observing and celebrating the tradition that lives within the hallowed walls of Assembly Hall.

Content allocation
is king.

An 18 month effort of space planning and content allocation were at the root of the planning phase. With a program of such rich history, our role in organizing assets played a pivotal part prior to even putting pen to paper.


Working with Smith Group and CSO Architecture, we ensured that the renovated south entrance of the building had an iconic statement that was unique to Indiana Basketball. Custom acrylic letters that are 10 feet tall span the second floor of the lobby to make no mistake where you are!

“I grew up going to Assembly Hall, always been a huge IU basketball fan,” Glass told IndyStar. “There’s a lot of things that we want to get done and I think will get done, and I’m proud are getting done, but Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall’s a big deal.”

Fred Glass

Athletic Director | Indiana University

8 ft Trident Structures

We developed two 8-foot faux limestone structures to bookend the INDIANA wall on the concourse level. These elements, visible from the exterior south entrance, serve as perfect fan interaction and photo opportunities.

The West Lobby

The west entrance to Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall is home to the famous ‘Walk’ leading the charge to the adjacent Memorial Stadium. This lobby also includes two of the venue’s most-visited spots – the ticket office and team shop.

1976 – 1995 Court

Taken out of storage and refurbished, this court played host to two national championship teams. Using university facility resources, the floor was mounted in the two-story lobby in the north entrance of the venue.


The entire venue was updated with new wayfinding signage on all four levels. A consistent look was developed to mimic the traditional hand-lettered signage package that lived in the building for more than 25 years.


Section 127 worked directly with the university’s information technology staff to develop the perfect mix of interactive touch screens for the building’s renovated south lobby. Helping to orchestrate the digital aspect of the new Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall brand was another component of this project with which we wanted to contribute.


Every element and addition that was done to this facility was executed with extreme thought and attention to detail. Merging history and innovation was our first priority.

The renovation buzz.