Industrial Design
Indianapolis, Indiana

Our relationship with Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology provided the opportunity to work directly with their industrial engineers to dream up aesthetic concepts and a brand for thePower Bin by eCeptacle.

This intelligent waste management system saves money and improves quality of life. That’s the kind of innovation that we can really get behind.

Take Into Consideration

eCeptacle provides an intelligent waste management system that reduces costs, adds incremental revenue streams, provides a Wi-Fi blanket network, enhances public safety, and dramatically shrinks the environmental footprint for municipalities and organizations.

The result is a next-generation, smart waste management system that not only saves money, but provides the kind of quality-of-life enhancements that improve the overall civic experience.

Really Is Smart Looking, Too

From a waste management perspective, these features not only substantially increase the total capacity of each container, allowing for fewer scheduled pick-ups, they also enable clients to switch from an inefficient time-and-date-based collection method — which often leaves some receptacles overflowing while others sit empty — to the more cost-effective method of dynamic collection on demand.

The result, based on conservative estimate, is a 70% reduction in weekly
collection rates for the average municipality. Fewer trips = fewer trucks =
significant cost reduction.

Technically Speaking

Channel blanket Wi-Fi that offers continuous connectivity to police, fire and other first responders, and also can be made available to visitors, convention-goers and the nearby community.

All-weather digital displays that deliver storm warnings, local news, Amber alerts, traffic-condition updates, maps, directions and other types of geographically-targeted notifications, as well as revenue-producing content like ads, targeted convention notices, e-coupons, etc.

DigitalMace increases public safety by offering sound/light deterrents, with an immediate call to law enforcement with GPS location of the incident.

Data collection and analysis provided as both a real-time resource for use by municipalities in day-day decision-making, and as a source for incremental revenue when non-sensitive information is licensed to data-brokers.