Experiential Branding

Cathedral High School
Indianapolis, Indiana

Cathedral High School has been part of the Indianapolis community since 1918. As one of just 15 Holy Cross high schools in the country, Cathedral has the largest and most active alumni network of any high school in Indiana.

When asked to be a part of this 100th anniversary project, we were honored. Displaying custom casework, digital touch-screens, and lasting memories over the pasted 100 years, this upgraded hallway is now one that will never be forgotten!

Holy Cross Values

The hallway features nine of the school’s most important values with a centralized display. Complete with a dimensional anchor mark finished in a custom brushed gold.

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame area of the hallway is fitted with two large multi-layer branding marks, anchoring two 50″ touch-screens. A wealth of knowledge at the users fingers tips that date back 100 years.

History Hallway

The long stretch at the schools main entrance, features custom display cases filled with unique relics collected over the past 100 years.