Kevin Gormal

Director of Experiential Design

Kevin holds a New Media in Informatics degree with a focus on visual communications from Indiana University-Indianapolis.

His education, along with his progression through the ranks of the Sport Graphics’ creative services team, has positioned him to plan, organize and direct the team at Section 127. Along with leading our studio staff, Kevin works actively with top-tier clients and teams up to help attract new ones.

Asked about a project that stands out, he quickly noted the 2016 Assembly Hall renovation at Indiana University because of the significant scope and opportunity to “leave our mark on the mecca of college basketball.”

A few things you may not know about Kevin:

  • He’s first-generation American, being the son of two Scottish parents.
  • Kevin has played soccer his whole life (it’s in his Scottish blood) and refers to himself as a ‘pretend runner.’
  • He has more shoes than you do. Guaranteed.
  • He and Merritt Lewis are the creative minds behind the Section 127 office space.