What is Section 127?

Section 127. Paging 127.

In the summer of 2015, Angela Hill, Kyle Eaker and the creative leadership team at Sport Graphics put together a pitch for President and CEO Frank Hancock: How to Create Section 127.  The vision was to establish a full-service creative and marketing agency, located in downtown Indianapolis.  It had been one of the Sport Graphics’ long-term goals and everything was aligned to make it happen.

We intensely recruited additional top talent because we were able to offer the opportunity to join a startup, which wasn’t really a startup at all.  We knew that we had to change things.  This wasn’t just a logistical move.  We had to diversify, offer more capabilities, expand into the digital space and create an Account Services team that could assist our clients with strategic planning and marketing, putting their brands at the forefront.

Next up was location.  We landed at 425 W. South St., walking distance from many of the facilities we decorate. It was an ideal location for a number of reasons, including providing our environmental team a portfolio piece. Our team worked with multiple vendors to design the interior build-out from start-to-finish, creating an innovative and collaborate space – the kind of place you just want to swing by, have a drink and think of the next thing to change the game for the industry and our clients.


Belief No. 01


Our workspace is like a second home (without pajama time). We love where we work, what we work on and who we work with.

Belief No. 02


Commitment is contagious. Sharing our clients’ passion and loving the work we do for them, fuels our drive for excellence.

Belief No. 03


Creative freedom keeps us focused. We allow our minds to explore what’s possible in every situation, which consistently allows us to hit just the right mark.

Belief No. 04


Bringing together a group with diverse backgrounds, talents and perspectives enables us to constantly challenge our own thinking and imagine what’s possible in the space around us.

The creative division at

Sport Graphics

Sport Graphics opened its doors in 1985, and quickly became known for high-quality production design and quick-turn requests. In 2006, it added a creative division when it was awarded a significant contract for creative and print production services, often partnering with a local agency.

Within a few years, Sport Graphics expanded its staff, hiring key creative employees and bringing the work in house.  It wasn’t long before the division found its niche in the design market the same way Sport Graphics had done in the world of print and signage, receiving accolades at nearly every turn.

In 2015, with the branding of the creative division as Section 127, even greater opportunities arose to showcase our capabilities and impact our clients.