Channon Seifert

Senior Designer – Publications

Channon’s long history with advertising, design and publications stretches back to his college days when he sold radio time and often wrote the ad copy. From there, he enjoyed roles as an associate publisher for a string of weeklies in suburban Chicago and publisher of his own Chicago rock newsletter, before serving as a reporter, editor, designer and art director for several papers.

Design and graphics have played into everything Channon has done professionally, perhaps except for the nine months he spent herding 120 pre-teen newspaper carriers. That requires a different type of creativity.

A few things you may not know about Channon:

  • At the rockin’ age of 5, he made a cardboard drum set. It was the first of many drum sets he has owned.
  • He lived bi-coastal for a couple years and shared flights with Joe DiMaggio, Gene Keady, Al Neuharth (founder of USA Today), Joe Theismann and *NSYNC. DiMaggio was the highlight, but it should be noted that Channon is not old enough to have seen him play.
  • He’s hugged sheep. Ask him why sometime.